⑨g love Translation

Title: ⑨g love
Vocals: Aki
Lyrics: Aki
Arrange: FN2
Album: TOHO EUROBEAT VOL. 14 – 紅魔郷
Original:ルーネイトエルフ (Lunate Elf) & おてんば恋娘 (Tomboyish Girl in Love) from Touhou 6 東方紅魔郷 ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

I love Aki’s lyrics. She made 年中無休 (nenjuumukyuu – all the time) into 年中無9, so I tried to mirror the pun by saying 24/9 instead of 24/7.

“Upon it, the Strongest Me’s love is conveyed” pretty awkward grammatically, but I wanted to keep “最強なあたし” somewhere in there and I think this pretty typical of Cirno anyway


Where did this sudden heat come from?
It’s permeating in my heart 24/9

年中無9ですつきまとうin my heart

jiwajiwa to umareta netsu wa doko kara kita no
nenjuu mu kyuu desu tsukimatou in my heart

Whilst pretending that nothing was wrong
You take my frozen feelings
And quickly melt together with me


nanto mo nai furi wo shite
kooraseta omoi wo
kimi de tokashite misete hayaku

We count the lovely twinkling snow that descends upon us
Before there are many things we don’t understand, I’ll tell you I love you

Twinkle Snow舞い降りてく恋の雪を数えて

twinkle snow mai oriteku koi no yuki wo kazoete
ikutsuka wakaranaku nara mae ni kimi ni suki wo tsutae you>

Deep within the fog, I snatch you up whole
with these lost hands of mine
You’ll freeze up if I let you go!


sou kiri no naka de mayoigo na atashi no te wo
hanashitari shitara kimi wo maru goto
tooketsu sasechau kara ne

Sparkling shards of winter pile up atop the lake’s surface
Fluffy and cute, dancing in your heart

ふわふわとキュートに踊りだすin your heart

kirakira to koujou ni tsumoru fuyu no kakera wa
fuwa fuwa to kyuuto ni odori dasu in your heart

The scarlet hazy full moon floating
Upon it, the Strongest Me’s love is conveyed!


akaku bonyari ukabu ookina mangetsu ni
saikyou na atashi no koi nosete

The twinkling snow melts, leaving only 9 grams of feelings
I wonder how much more until there’s enough?
You’re overflowing this instant

Twinkle Snow溶け出してくほんの9グラムの想い

ato ikutsu taseba mitaseru kana
toke dashite hon no kyuu guramu no omoi
kimi ga umete ne imasugu

Deep inside the fog, so as not to act like a lost child
We collect this love together
Doesn’t freezing sound good?


sou kiri no naka de mayoi go naranai you ni
atashi to kimi to koi mo matomete
tooketsu sasechau ii desho

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無終祭 (Never-Ending Festival) Translation

1.jpgTitle: 無終祭 (owaranu matsuri)
Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Merami-pop)
Circle: 凋叶棕
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Release: C90
Album: 夢 (Utsutsu)
Original: 幻想の永遠祭 (Illusionary Eternal Festival)
from 蓮台野夜行 Ghostly Field Club

This song is actually insane. It’s like demented musical chairs meets kagome kagome with a ring-around-the-rosy sort of feigned innocence. Is it weird I’m getting “Human Centipede” vibes from this?
I took a few liberties, one of which was telling the story from the reader’s perspective in some parts which I thought would heighten the ominous feeling of the song.
The actual scans for this (courtesy of Eiki) are just as insane as the song itself, I actually had to turn my computer upside-down because it was faster than screwing around rotating back and forth. Also the ring idea……. GENIUS.
I just love the foreboding pressure that builds throughout the song, it’s like you don’t even notice how demonic it actually is until that piano jumpscare and Merami starts whispering in yo’ ear. And that ENDING.

EDIT: Also don’t be surprised if someone bigger and better comes along and translates this song more eloquently, I did my best. Please enjoy.
EDIT 2: I’m so dumb I kept writing 祭 as feast instead of festival but everything is fixed now

*弾幕決闘 (danmaku duel) is sung as わるふざけ (prank)


Now, everyone gather together
We sit together and form a ring
Everyone encircle the Hakurei
Thus so, the never-ending festival begins

iza minna kozori tsudoite
wa o nashite en o kome
kakome kakome hakurei o saa
owaranu matsuri o hirakase yo


Let us exchange sake dishes
Come forwards and accept whatever is given to you
Let us sing together in worship
Such is the way of the never-ending festival


sakadzuki kumi kawase
kitaru wa subete uke irete
tomo ni utai matsure
owaranu matsuri no aru you ni

Stepping on each other’s feet
Not one person can separate from one another
We exist under the same name of illusion
From the same land


hitotabi ashi o fumeba
dare hitori wake hedetenaku
onajiku gensou no na no moto ikiru mono
to shi to

And nothing will ever change
keshite nanimo kawarazu ni

At last, beneath the collapsed sky we gather
Forget all your resentment and drink!


tsuizo tsuienu sora no moto ni tsudoe
kakaeru urami wa subete sake ni wasureyo

Now, let us exchange sake dishes
What is this, some practical joke?
Let us sing together in worship
Such is the way of the never-ending festival


saa sakadzuki kumi kawase
tashou no warufuzake mo nan no sono
tomo ni utai matsure
owaranu matsuri no aru you ni

Now, drink the night away
Dreaming is something anyone can do
Inside this illusion
Such is the way of the never-ending festival


saa yoru goto nomi akase
yume miru koto wa mina onaji
kono gensou ni oite
owaranu matsuri no aru you ni

When it comes time to begin the feast
There’s one thing that never changes
Thoughts quicken to become dreams
Such is the way of eternity


hirakareru utage no tabi
nani hitotsu kawaranu koto
omoi hase yume o miru wa
eien no aru you ni to

Once you are seated at the never-ending feast
You can never escape
You can never go back


keshite owaranu utage yo ichido seki ni tsuita nara
keshite nigasuna
keshite kaesu na

If you lose your seat within the feast
You can never escape
You can never go back


utage no seki ni mayoi kondara
keshite nigasuna
keshite kaesuna

Not one single person will be able to escape
dare hitori to keshite nigesuna

(Repeat first verse)

Now where do you think you’re going?
If you leave before it’s over you won’t be forgiven
Inside this illusion
That’s just how the never-ending festival is


saa omae wa doko e yuku
chuuza nado keshite yurusarenu
kono gensou ni oite
owaranu matsuri wa kaku no goto

Now, forget it all
Continue under the name of eternity
Let us sing together in worship
Such is the way of the never-ending festival


saa subete wasurete wa
eien no na no moto tsudzukaseyo
tomo ni utai matsure
owaranu matsuri no aru you ni

(Repeat chorus)


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クラピーの月面野球大会 – SOUND HOLIC

First SOUND HOLIC translation! This really really needs a PV. I didn’t have the scans for this one so my good friend @ivy_mgmg and I collaborated to transcribe it by ear. So, if you see anything off, please let me know. Enjoy!

EDIT: The lovely @petayuuchan has given me the correct transcriptions. Thanks a lot!

Title: クラピーの月面野球大会 (Clownpiece’s Lunar Baseball Tournament)
Lyrics: 狐夢想 (COOL&CREATE)
Arrange: ARM (IOSYS)
Vocals: Nana Takahashi
Album: 博麗 -HAKUREI-
Original: Clownpiece’s Theme – 星条旗のピエロ / Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner
from Touhou 東方紺珠伝 ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Site: http://www.sound-holic.com/rts13/work/work03.html

I played around with the tenses a lot, and also tried to incorporate the correct baseball terminology (“intentional walk” is that thing that happens when you get four bad balls, right?)

Yoohoo! It’s me, Clownpiece!
Even though I came to the moon for Hecatia’s errands
I got bored
So now, let’s play ball!


yahho atai kuraunpiisu
hekatia sama no otsukai de tsuki made kitan dakedo
dakara ima kara sa yakyuu shiyo

Don’t mind!
Out! Safe! Stomp your feet!
Send it flying, Clownpiece! It’s now or never to beat the Earthlings, hey!

かっとばせー クラピー いてまえ 地上人 hey

auto seefu yo yoi no yoi
kattobase kurapii itemae chijoujin hey

The curtain rises on the Lunar Baseball Tournament
This is Hell’s game, the winner is sure to be me!
Ah, all the tears shed in training were for this day!
Now, reach for the Earth! Launch it all the way to Texas!

さあ開幕したわ 月面野球大会
この地獄のゲーム 優勝はあたいさ
ああ涙の特訓は この日このときのために
さあ地球に向けて 打ち上げろテキサスに

saa kaimaku shita wa getsumen yakyuu taikai
kono jigoku no geemu yuushou wa atai sa
aa namida no tokkun wa kono hi kono toki no tame ni
saa chikyuu ni mukete uchiagero tekisasu ni

Throw it! hit it! Home run!
I’m a Hell Big Leaguer
Pierce the Earth with a laserbeam from Hell
The field is striped with bullets


nagete utte hashitte hoomaa
atai wa jigoku no dai riigaa
tsuki kara chikyuu e reezaabiimu
dangan rainaa sutoraipu

Let’s go! It’s time for the Lunar Apollo Batting Lineup!
ikuzo getsumen aporo dasen

What an incredible power!
That’s right, intentionally walking is a futile resistence
Hit it! Hit it! Just meet! (Whap!)

当てろ当てろ ジャストミート(カキーン)

totetsumonai pawaa dazo
sou keien nante muda na teikou
atero atero jasutomiito kakiin

The ball draws an arch in the sky
Spinning around the moon, turning over again and again!
We did it! We did it! Home run!


dakyuu wa aachi o egaki
otsukisama o guruguruguru to mekuru meku yo
yatta yatta hoomuran

Wait just a minute, Clownpiece. You aren’t neglecting your duties, are you?
Hell’s three thousand hits! LET’S GO!


chotto kurapii chan otsukai hottarakashite nai de
goraa jigoku no sanzenbon nokku ikuzo

Three Hecatias hit triples in three different directions
All heading towards Clownpiece Strike! Strike! Strike!
Three hundred! Three hundred! Three THOUSAND hits!
I feel sick!

三人のヘカーティア 三方向トリプルで
クラピーに向けて 打て打て打て


sannin no hekatia sanhoukou toripuru de
kurapii ni mukete ute ute ute
sanbyaku pon sanbyaku pon sanzenbon
ketta kuso ya

Even though there was no “Hellish Secrets of Grazing”, it was an instant death
kasuri no gokui ga nakereba sokushi datta

We still haven’t given up this Lunar Baseball Tournament
This is Hell’s game, I can’t win alone!
So I bring all my friends together to reinforce our strength
But what were we even playing baseball for in the first place?


mada akiramekirenai getsumen yakyuu taikai
kono jigoku no geemuu hitori de wa katenai
jaa nakama o atsume senryoku o hokyuu shimashou
demo somosomo nani de yakyuu de yaru no sa

Center! Forward! Point Guard!
I’ve already decided, slam dunk!
Defense! Offense!
Ms. Hecatia, I want to play baseball!

センター フォワード ポイントガード
ディフェンス オフェンス
ヘカーティア先生 野球がしたいです

sentaa fowaado pointogaado
atai ga kimeru seramudanku
difensu ofensu
hekatia sensei yakyuu ga shitai desu

What an incredible grand slam!
That’s right, the catcher is futile now!
There it goes! Ping-pong! (You’re out!)

あけろあけろ ピンポン(退場!)

totetsumonai gousokkyuu
sou kyachaa nante muda na sonzai
akero akero pinpon (taijou)

Our major assault is in preparation
I’ll send it flying straight to Earth
A flash of a shooting star!

一直線に 地球に向けて 飛んでいく

mejaa jikomi dai boukou
ichokusen ni chikyuu ni mukete tondeyuku
hitosuji nagareboshi

We’re still going, Clownpiece! We’ll become the stars of Hell! Hey!
まだまだ いけるぞ クラピー 地獄の星となれ hey
madamada ikeruzo kurapii jigoku no hoshi to nare hey

(1) As always, I tend to keep things like this (dokkoisho, rasshase, etc.) as they are. In this case, “dosukoi” and “bachikoi” are things you shout at a baseball game.

“カキーン” is the specific sound effect for hitting a ball with a bat

“クラピー” as a nickname for Clownpiece is fitting, since it sounds a whole lot like “Crappy”. I wonder if that’s intentional.


Artist: furukawa (yomawari) (danbooru)

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Top Ten Touhou Tracks 2015

Shoop’s Top Ten Touhou Tracks 2015


Well, well, well. If you’re reading this, it means I actually decided to publish this madness! Welcome to my list of favorites from this past year (even though it’s nearly February). These are the songs that made me laugh, cry, and overall just re-evaluate my entire life in 2015. If this was a Touhou music overview of my entire life, however, it would mainly be ShibayanRecords and Yuuhei Satellite. Fair warning, most of the music is pretty old in the grand scheme of Touhou, but I digress.

2015 was pretty pivotal for me. I came out as bisexual to a few close friends, I got accepted to my first-choice college, did some pretty crazy shit, and hey, I’m still alive!

Apologies in advance for my weird metaphorical, overly-dramatic rambling, but I got really fired up while making this list.

Let’s get started.

10. スキマパラダイス / Gap Paradise


Vocal: 3L
Arrange: Shibayan
Lyrics: Shibayan
Circle: ShibayanRecords
Album: Assortment of sense

The first time I listened to this song was while I was taking a walk in the midsummer haze of morning, my flip-flops clacking against the seawall. ShibayanRecords might be the only circle where I don’t even have to listen to a song before I put it on my iPod– I already know that I’ll love it. Even though this is supposed to be a spring song, it screams summer to me in tones of indigo「藍」, orange「橙」, and of course, violet「縁」.



Vocal: T. Stebbins
Arrange: T. Stebbins
Lyrics: T. Stebbins
Circle: A-ONE

Ah, Odyssey Eurobeat, you gem to the world. If you’re subscribed to me on YouTube, you probably already know how much I love T. Stebbins. This is my favorite A-ONE song of 2015 not just because it kickstarted my YouTube account, but because it truly is such a beautifully crafted piece of work. This song just encapsulates the creativity, both in melody and lyrics, that I love so much in Touhou music. Some of my other frequented A-ONE songs that didn’t make it onto the list were “Bloody Night”, “WHO”, and “little flare”, although ultimately, T. Stebbins always wins when it comes to T.E.B. I’m looking forward to what T. Stebbins offers us in the future, starting with “On The Moon”, which you should go check out if you haven’t already 😉

8. アモリタチテカミトミユ / Descending from the Skies, She Appears as a Goddess


Vocal: 3L
Arrange: Shibayan
Lyrics: Sayaka Yamazaki
Circle: Syrufit
Album: Where is Love

This song never fails to give me chills each and every time I listen to it. Also Shibayan x Syrufit????!!!!! SIGN ME UP!

Although アナタガモトメルモノ will always be my favorite Shibayan arrange, and (one) of my favorite songs of all time, I chose this song because I listened to it way more in 2015. I can only describe this song as an absolute masterpiece. It’s actually been on my iPod since it was first released, but I only began to appreciate it in 2014, and I have yet to stop appreciating it. The lyrics, the arrange, the pure essence of the song– everything is genius.

7. Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not

Circle: Frontier Records
Album: 雪月華

Please please please go listen to this. While this song wasn’t particularly influential to me in 2015 alone, I couldn’t just leave this list without any folk music. I have the strangest music taste, I swear. This spot was originally going to be for 御霊遷 by Floating Cloud, but I decided to put this one instead. As someone who has danced the Yosakoi Soran (look it up) many a time, this song makes me want to jump into the sea and dance my little heart out. I love this song so much.

どっこいしょー  (ノ°▽°)ノ

6. パライソ / Paraiso


Vocal: ランコ
Arrange: kaztora
Lyrics: コンプ
Circle: 森羅万象
Album: パライソ

I think this song is pretty self-explanatory. I’m a sucker for folk-rock, metaphors, imagery (especially of eastern motifs), and basically any song that includes the word 儚く。Once or twice when I was walking home, I took a detour to walk alongside the river so I could watch the sunset while this song played. I suddenly want to go back to Kinkaku-ji and just sit there alone with this song and my thoughts.


5. 部屋でYシャツで首輪で猫(あなた)/In My Room, In a Button-Up Shirt, With a Collar, a Cat (You)


Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange: RD-Sounds
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 君違 -kimitagae- | 科学世紀のカフェテラス 2014


I had my whole emotional description of 竹ノ花 written out, but at the last second I decided to change it to –this– song. Yup.

There are so many parts in this song where I’m torn between running and just sitting still. I think I’ve actually dozed off to this song once or twice. Not to say that this is a peaceful song or anything, quite the opposite, but I find that it seems to hypnotize me. This song is a myriad of horror and just absolute amazingness all around. わたしの、てには。あなたの — la la la

What exactly did I see?

4. ふたつのシネマ / Two Cinemas


Vocal: ランコ
Arrange: コンプ
Lyrics: コンプ
Circle: 豚乙女
Album: 少女煉獄 第三巻

Finally, a song that was actually released in 2015! It was hard to choose between my other favorite ButaOtome song of this year, うたかた, but eventually this one came out on top. Wonderfully inventive, phantasmagorically vibrant, I could listen to this song a thousand times and still find yet another part of the song to love. Also, Ranko never fails to flabbergast me. I see so much of myself in this song, constantly yearning for the dream scorched into my eyelids, lost between fiction and reality. At least, that’s how I interpret the song.

I think we all have a bit of Sumireko in us.

3. テーマ・オブ・カーテンファイアーシューターズ / Theme of Curtain Fire Shooters


Vocal: めらみぽっぷ
Arrange: RD-Sounds
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Circle: 凋叶棕
Album: 奉

When I die, I want this song to be played at my funeral. To be honest, It’s the spirit of this song that made me choose this song over all the other fantastic RD-Sounds works. (Also, I’m a sucker for that Touhou motif, so.) I think it encapsulates the . I can’t really put into words how this song makes me feel, but I would plot it as somewhere bordering fantasy and reality. The song itself has two sets of lyrics, one relating to Touhou terminology, and the other a more realistic take. The duality of this song, much like in Two Cinemas, presents us with a scene that I can only describe as pure Touhou. I know I will always have this fantasy in my heart.

So, do you have your eyes set on the “Extra Stage”?

2. レディメイド・シティライフ / Ready-Made City Life

RETRO FUTURE GIRLS.jpgVocal: milka
Arrange: Shibayan
Lyrics: milka
Circle: ShibayanRecords

I want to make love to this song. Metaphorically, of course. This was going to be my #1 for this list, but #1 just had that certain oomph that pushed it to the top.

Just like OP2C said in her description of her upload of this song, I can also relate to so much of this song. Not just in the fast-paced, lovey-dovey, wondrous life of a city girl such as myself, but in the retro-aesthetically painted scene of bossa nova, reed diffusers, french pop, mandarins, and earl grey tea lattes (all of which I enjoy greatly). I’ve always been a coward when it comes to emotions, but I’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for me. This is the sort of song I put on when I’m walking fast through crowds on a busy Sunday evening, and I end up getting lost in the music.

1. モダンガアル街を往く。/ A Modern Girl Walks the Street


Vocal: うたしま
Arrange: 飴野ヲルカ (Mano, 平茸)
Lyrics: 飴野はるつみ
Circle: 全自動少女
Album: 櫻雨キネマトグラフ〜大正壹佰年奇譚〜

I didn’t like this song at first, but now I am absolutely infatuated with it. This song has seriously helped me through so much, and I am more often than not driven to tears when I listen to it. Utashima’s voice is nothing short of powerful, in every sense of the word.

I see myself in so much of this song. I see it in the fast paced, ever-changing, yet somehow sempiternal life that I live. When I listen to this song, I feel strong, even though I have to drag myself to do anything. When I lace up my boots in the morning, and when I walk home in the dusk, looking at the glowing lights of the city; These are the memories I know I will remember when I listen to this song. So “fuck being pretentious”, and just let me walk the streets and leave my days to the wind.



I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you have made it this far. Music means the world to me, and although this may end up just being a memento for future-Shoop to look back on, let me know what songs have changed/touched/inspired you this year. Who knows– Maybe if I ever make a list like this again, something you showed me will be on it.

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