About Me!

Hi, you can call me Shoop or Sophie. My other nicknames from friends who thought they were clever include Soup, Soap, フィロソフィー、and フィランスロフィー。I’m just a gal who loves Touhou way too much. My interests right now other than Touhou include KanColle, RWBY, Funhaus/Achievement Hunter, Game of Thrones, Kill la Kill, etc

Gateway into Touhou・東方の始まりは:魔理沙は大変なものを盗んでいました/Marisa Stole the Precious Thing (ニコニコ動画から)

Reason for making channel・チャネルを作る理由: Because HoshinoInaba and Kappashiro got terminated! / 仲間たちが消えた

Favorite Game・大好きなゲーム: 永夜抄、いつまでも / Imperishable Night, forever and always

Favorite Circles・大好きなサークル: Shibayan Records, Kuroneko Lounge, RD-Sounds, Tamaonsen, Butaotome, A-ONE / しばやん、クロネコラウンジ、RD-Sounds、魂音泉、豚乙女、A-ONE

Favorite Girl・大好きなキャラクター:蓬莱山輝夜、博麗霊夢、アリス・マーガトロイド、霧雨魔理沙、鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ / Kaguya, Reimu, Alice, Marisa, Reisen

Favorite Touhou CD・大好きな東方CD:Dolls in Pseudo Paradise / 蓬莱人形

Favorite Singers・大好きな歌手: Ranko, Meramipop, Mei Ayakura, Nachi / ランコ、めらみぽっぷ、綾倉盟、なち

Favorite Artist・大好きな画手:CACHARIAS!!!! (@Maku_raco) 

Taoism or Buddhism?(Miko vs Hijiri)・道や仏?:耳耳耳耳耳耳耳耳

Favorite Drink・大好きな飲み物:ウーロン茶、コーヒー/ Oolong Tea, Coffee

Favorite Pokemon・大好きなポケモン: VULPIX / ロコン



About Requests!

I am currently not taking requests.

I would prefer for you to leave a comment here or on my YT with lyrics provided, but I can also attempt translations by ear. No promises for that, though.



6 Responses to About Me!

  1. Amilka says:

    Hello there!
    Thank you for you subs and translation, especially A-ONE, it is one of my favourite group. I saw your comment about request so may I ask you one?
    It is Eternal Party by A-ONE, I hope it won’t be difficult. The lyrics can be found here:

    Once again thank you ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀


  2. Eiki says:

    I see you wanted to take requests~

    Would you mind translating 奇子 ~ Unknown Child by Unlucky Morpheus?


  3. Plastic Vortex says:

    Hey. Would you mind subbing “Evil Voice”, by yet again, A-One? It’s one of my favorites from their new album along with On the Moon. If you do, thank you!


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